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Printable Shoobeedoo Playing Cards

Print your very own Shoobeedoo Playing Cards for hours of fun and learning at home. Click here for free printable pdf.

1. Print (colour printing preferable)

2. Mount on cardboard or laminate.

3. Cut into individual squares.

4. Listen to our Shoobeedoo (We Go Together) song, and PLAY!

You can listen to Shoobeedoo on Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, Birde or on your very own Tiptoe Giants CD.

Here are some suggested games to get you started.


After listening to the song, Shoobeedoo (We Go Together), match the cards into their pairs. Children can use the background colours as cues. The subtle differences in shades means its not too easy.


Place cards face down in an orderly grid.

Either on your own, or alternating turns if two or more players, turn over two cards.

Use your memory to recall the cards' positions.

When a player finds a pair, remove the cards from .

The player with the most pairs at the end of the games wins.


Place the cards spread out on the floor. While listening to the song, jump from card to card as the words are sung. You can do this in a zig zag/linear formation, or scattered for some really crazy moves!


After listening to the song a few times, challenge your recall by attempting to order the cards in accordance with the song's lyrics. Play the song again to check your memory recall!


Learn and practice reading skills as simple cue cards. Learn "oo" and "ee" without graphic prompts.

We'd love to see photos and videos of your games and other creative uses of the Shoobeedoo Playing Cards!


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