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Pirates Colouring In Page

Click the image below, Print and Colour!

Pirates Colouring In Page.png

Tiptoe Visual for Little Giants

Click the image below, Print and Play!


Shoobeedoo Playing Cards

Click the images below, Print and Play! See blog for great game ideas to get the most out of your new playing cards. 


DIY Paper Plane Love Notes


Make a paper aeroplane of kisses and send it flying! Click here for free printable pdf.

1. Grab a piece of A4 paper (preferably recycled)

2. Decorate your paper with a message, artwork or stickers

3. Fold per instructions

4. Listen to our Catch A Kiss song, and PLAY!

You can listen to Catch A Kiss on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube or on your very own Tiptoe Giants CD.

We'd love to see photos and videos of your paper plane love notes! Post on Social Media with #tiptoegiants

Random Act of Kindness Postcard


The best antidote to loneliness is kindness.

Spread some around with this customisable printable postcard- the perfect note to offer an elderly neighbour, grandparent or isolated person.


It's also a beautiful and priceless lesson in kindness and community.


Leave it on the doorstep or post box with a hand-made gift, chocolate, toilet paper, milk or a home cooked meal.

Always wash hands thoroughly before preparing anything for others, and always consider the health and wellbeing of others. 

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