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To create fun, contemporary and wholesome music for families to share, exposing children to a range of musical styles that develop how to THINK, FEEL AND GROW as individuals and within communities, and EMPOWERING children to find the little giant within themselves.



Leanne "Lee" King is a writer, dancer/teacher and mum. After the birth of her two sons, Lee felt drawn to write songs for her children, inspired by motherhood, childhood and the world around them as a young family.

Collaborating with Meg and Vee was a natural process and led to the birth of her third baby and passion project, Tiptoe Giants!



Megan "Meg" Lipworth is a professional percussionist, music teacher and conductor. Aunty to Lee's kids, Meg saw their love of music, and engagement with Lee's songs and so collaborated to workshop and develop the Tiptoe Giants project and lead the vocals with her energetic and charming voice.

Her ability to play any instrument she can get her hands on makes her a jewel in the TTG family



Vanessa "Vee" Couper is a professional flautist, music teacher and qualified music therapist. Vee brings her sweet harmonies, intricate guitar and flute to the group, as well as her amazing music therapy knowledge, enabling us to thoroughly consider the holistic benefits of the songs we create for children and their families.

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