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Little Giants To the Rescue! Make your own Cardboard Box Emergency Vehicles

Build your own emergency vehicle, play the Emergency Song (Wee Wah), get dancing and enjoy hours of role play.

Customise your vehicles as you please! All you need is your imagination.

Here are a few ideas on how to get started with a fire engine.

What you'll need/helpful items:

- large cardboard box

- scissors/paper knife (adult supervision)

- craft glue

- paint and brushes

- egg carton

- black permanent marker

- coloured paper (yellow, blue, white, red)

- optional: tape to make ladder, ribbon or string for shoulder straps,


1. TRIM AND SHAPE your box by removing bottom flaps. (put them aside to use later). With the top flaps, tuck a short side down into the box, fold the other short side so it's level with the top of the box, and cut the long sides so that the short horizontal flap meets to form a bonnet.

2. Use one of the removed flaps to form the windscreen.

3. PAINT red. You may require a few layers to get a bright, solid look.

Paint the windscreen black, and add small windows on the sides.

3. CUT two yellow circles (tracing a cup helps) and stick on for headlights.

CUT two yellow rectangles and use black marker to create a customised number plate.

FOLD yellow paper in quarters (landscape) then cut diagonally in cm strips. Stick diagonal, parallel lines around the sides and back of the box, about 1/3 from the bottom.

4. CUT the egg carton so that you have two sections, side by side. PAINT one red, and one blue and stick on for the emergency lights.

5. Add any other customised features, such as metal grates, hoses, buttons and ribbons for shoulder straps.



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