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Colour the World and Little Steps Big Adventures CD
  • Colour the World and Little Steps Big Adventures CD

    Colour The World:


    Collaborating with Grammy and ARIA-nominated producer Simon Cohen, Colour the World is a 14 track album largely recorded at Studios 301 and continues the trio’s mission of creating fun, contemporary, and wholesome music for families to share. 


    “The title of the album couldn’t be more appropriate at this point in time with all that’s going on in the world,” said Lee. “We really wanted to record songs that could bring some brightness and colour to kids and families during these darker and more isolated times.”


    One of the tracks from the album that has gained momentum over the last few months is Sneeze, Cough, Hand Wash (The Hygiene Song). Recorded live on 2GB Radio and part of Spotify’s ‘New Music Fridays’ playlist upon release, the upbeat song educates kids on proper technique and etiquette when it comes to hygiene.


    “We really wanted to help kids make sense of the current health climate without instilling fear or anxiety in them,” said Meg. “It’s education in disguise, a fun and catchy tune that encourages healthy hygiene habits that are proven to help prevent the spread of germs during this uncertain time. Adults could also take a few pointers from the song.”


    Three of the songs on the album (Kindness Anthem, Two Feet Two Shoes, Cloud Watching) were commissioned by the ABC as part of their Fresh Start Fund. This funding stream supports excellence in children’s screen and audio content, and offers support to the children’s production industry.


    Colour The World tracklist:


    1. Rainbow World
    2. Kindness Anthem
    3. Two Feet Two Shoes
    4. Cloud Watching
    5. Drip Drip Ice Cream
    6. Animals on the Run
    7. Pirate Babies’ Pirate Party
    8. Little Seedling
    9. Party Animals
    10. Sneeze Cough Hand Wash (The Hygiene Song)
    11. Catch a Kiss
    12. Let’s Play Pack Away (Tidy Up Game)
    13. Dreamland
    14. Shooting Star


    Little Steps Big Adventures:


    Little Steps Big Adventures is a compliation of fun, original songs by the Tiptoe Giants, covering a range of musical styles for the whole family to delight in. 


    It's music about the big and small things in life to inspire the little giant in all of us. 


    Little Steps Big Adventures tracklist:


    1. Tiptoe Giants
    2. It's Fun to Be an Individual    
    3. Emergency (Wee Wah)
    4. Island Melody    
    5. Sanibonani - Zulu Good Morning Song
    6. Hello Song
    7. Flicker and Spark (Campfire Song)
    8. Bang! Bang! Bang!
    9. Banana Smoothie    
    10. Rocking Chair
    11. Arty McArty Birthday Party    
    12. Shoobeedoo (We Go Together)
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