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About TIPTOE GIANTS and Album ‘Small But Mighty - Hearty Hits for Living Large’

Small But Mighty is TIPTOE GIANTS’ 3rd album, conceived on a mission for conscious, caring & accessible content to inspire listeners of all ages to love their inner giant & “live large!” Every track is a potent wellbeing tool, delivered in an abundance of musical variety & mastery. Exceptional messaging is matched by creative & wildly-entertaining musical arrangements & performances.


Songs, affirmations & mantras are deeply rooted in developmental & therapeutic expertise. They teach self-regulation, mindfulness & sleep strategies, inclusivity, resilience, self-worth, healthy habits, to have fun, & help listeners feel validated & connected.


It is the final production masterpiece of the late, great Michael McGlynn.

Feat. Bluey’s Joff Bush, lived-experience artists Stephenie Rodriguez, Sharnae Berresford (Love on the Spectrum) & Elly Scrine, kids comedy duo The Listies, and more.

TIPTOE GIANTS shine as musicians, music therapists, educators & champions of positive change in kids’ lives. 

Small But Mighty is a gift from TIPTOE GIANTS’ heart.

ALBUM: Small But Mighty - Hearty Hits For Living Large

GENRE: Children’s Music


Additional Feature Artists:

(track 4): Joff Bush

(track 5): Rosei 22

(track 7): Stephenie Rodriguez, Sharnae Berresford, Elly Scrine

(track 8): The Listies


Songwriters: Leanne King, Megan Lipworth, Vanessa Couper (all tracks) 

Leanne King, Megan Lipworth, Vanessa Couper and Nadine Lipworth (tracks 2 and 12)


Recording Dates: 01 November 2021 - 5 April 2023

Album Release Date: July 14th 2023


Production, Engineering and Mixing: Michael McGlynn at Michael McGlynn Productions and Vienna People Studio


Mastering: William Bowden - King Willy Sound


Cover Art by Ashley Jeffery and TIPTOE GIANTS


Bubble Bubble - Be Like A Bubble Video by Nicholas Moroney and TIPTOE GIANTS


UPC: 197901704271


Label: Tiptoe Tunes (Independant)


Distribution: DistroKid, Bandcamp, Artist Website

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